I stumbled upon my love of photography and film making at a young age while filming my friends riding BMX and being the photographer for my high school yearbook. While in college I studied cinematography, photography, and finally received my degree in art from the University of North Texas. I approach weddings with the goal of capturing your important memories in a way that is both artistic, entertaining, and true to life.


Here are a few more facts about me and my work:

  • Born and raised in Texas (Yes I do have a good bit of southern twang).  
  • I want to work WITH you and help you get the best out of your film (you play a big part in your films evolution and I will not diminish your opinions or suggestions).
  • I have the best dog in the world (..no really),  a lab mix named Delta.
  • I am really the one who films your Wedding. I don't book multiple weddings, or anything else, on the same day. I will not send the "B-team" to film you while I film a different event. 
  • Anytime you want to talk sports with me I am ready and willing (especially if the Texas Rangers are involved).  
  • The equipment I use is not only of the highest quality, and kept up to date, but I honestly do know how to use it.
  • I am a huge fan of classic film and film history. To me the pinnacle of film making was between 1935 and 1965. Some of my personal favorites from this era include; Rear Window, Casablanca, Rio Bravo, The Third Man, Anatomy of a Murder, On the Waterfront, Notorious, Charade, Vertigo, A Matter of Life and Death (I could go on and on..). 
  • I Won't clutter your video with  over the top special effects. I prefer to shoot in a clear, clean style that represents your wedding as it happened. After all, what may be trendy today most likely won't be by the time you show this to your grandchildren. 
  • You are important to me. Your satisfaction is important to me. There is nothing that will distract from that.

I have never had a subject as challenging or rewarding as a couple's wedding day. I will do my absolute best to create something that you can treasure and be proud of from now on.

Thank you,

Jeff Brummett
Brummett Films LLC


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